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Deadly Spawn DVD 11/7/2004
Deadly Spawn DVD 11/7/2004
The Hole DVD 11/1/2004
Fast Times at Ridgemont High DVD 10/31/2004
Hell's Angels 69 DVD 10/29/2004
He Knows You're Alone DVD 10/17/2004
The Hunger DVD 10/17/2004
Return of the Living Dead 2 DVD 10/16/2004
Garfield: The Movie DVD 10/14/2004
Punk'd - The Complete 2nd Season DVD 10/9/2004
Christine (Special Edition) DVD 9/25/2004
Mr. Show: The Complete 4th Season DVD 9/19/2004
Night of the Living Dead DVD 9/6/2004
Chopping Mall DVD 8/27/2004
Ella Enchanted (Widescreen Edition) DVD 8/23/2004
Soul Plane (Unrated Mile High Edition) DVD 8/22/2004
The Girl Next Door (Unrated Version) DVD 8/15/2004
The Princess Diaries (Special Edition) DVD 8/7/2004
The Princess Diaries (Special Edition) DVD 8/7/2004
Bits and Pieces: Live from Orange County DVD 8/2/2004
The Battle of Shaker Heights DVD 7/17/2004
Slasher DVD 6/28/2004
The Perfect Score DVD 6/23/2004
Uncle Sam DVD 6/22/2004
Uncle Sam DVD 6/21/2004
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