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All The Creatures Were Stirring DVD 12/5/2018
Wolf Lake: The Complete Series DVD 11/25/2012
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (2pc) DVD 9/29/2010
Party Down: Season 1 DVD 3/20/2010
Dark Rising DVD 8/14/2009
Disaster Movie (Unrated Widescreen) DVD 1/29/2009
The Alphabet Killer DVD 1/10/2009
The Alphabet Killer DVD 1/10/2009
Home Sick DVD 8/24/2008
The Mallory Effect DVD 8/1/2008
A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell DVD 7/9/2008
Dawn of the Dead (1978) DVD 9/21/2007
Dawn of the Dead (2004) DVD 8/29/2007
To Catch a Thief (Special Collector's Edition) DVD 4/28/2007
Roman DVD 3/30/2007
Fifty Pills DVD 2/18/2007
Grosse Pointe: The Complete Series DVD 2/1/2007
Zombie Nation DVD 12/29/2006
Going Back DVD 9/11/2006
Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare DVD 7/16/2006
The Weird Al Show - The Complete Series DVD 6/7/2006
Clerks Uncensored DVD 4/8/2006
Batman Beyond: Season 1 DVD 4/2/2006
Zombie Honeymoon DVD 2/27/2006
Zombie Honeymoon DVD 2/27/2006
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