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Underworld HDTV 1/9/2005
Boyz N The Hood HDTV 1/9/2005
A Mighty Wind HDTV 1/4/2005
Beyond Warped HDTV 1/3/2005
Annie Hall HDTV 1/2/2005
The Grifters HDTV 12/31/2004
Idle Hands HDTV 12/31/2004
Dead Ringers HDTV 12/31/2004
Dog Day Afternoon HDTV 12/19/2004
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers HDTV 12/14/2004
The Man Who Would Be King HDTV 12/13/2004
Phone Booth HDTV 12/13/2004
Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip HDTV 12/12/2004
Masque of the Red Death HDTV 12/11/2004
Network HDTV 12/11/2004
Beautiful Girls HDTV 11/27/2004
House of 1,000 Corpses HDTV 11/24/2004
My Fair Lady HDTV 11/16/2004
Groundhog Day HDTV 11/16/2004
Friday the 13th HDTV 10/29/2004
It's Alive! HDTV 10/23/2004
Adaptation HDTV 10/21/2004
Auto Focus HDTV 10/17/2004
Martin and Orloff HDTV 9/27/2004
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice HDTV 9/26/2004
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