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My pal Scott maintains a running log, and that inspired me to do something vaguely similar...only I don't run. I watch movies. So, here's a log of every movie and DVD I've watched since late June 2003. The "rule" is that I only list what I watch in one day, so if I spend an hour watching a collection of episodes of Batman Beyond, it goes in the log, but if I spread 16 hours of Angel out over 3 days, it doesn't. No, that doesn't make much sense, but the whole thing's pretty stupid and pointless anyway, so it all evens out.

Title Format Commentary Watched
Cluny Brown The Criterion Collection BLU-RAY 11/19/2019
Cluny Brown The Criterion Collection BLU-RAY 11/19/2019
Godzilla: King of the Monsters UHD 11/17/2019
Throne of Blood (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray/DVD) BLU-RAY 11/17/2019
Texas, Adios BLU-RAY 11/15/2019
Liquid Sky BLU-RAY 11/15/2019
Christmas in July BLU-RAY 11/13/2019
Christmas in July BLU-RAY 11/12/2019
Space Adventure Cobra: The Movie UHD 11/10/2019
Who Saw Her Die? BLU-RAY 11/8/2019
Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans BLU-RAY 11/7/2019
Wonder Woman: Bloodlines UHD 11/5/2019
The Wizard of Oz UHD 11/3/2019
An American Werewolf in London (Arrow) BLU-RAY 11/3/2019
It's a Wonderful Life UHD 10/30/2019
Charlie's Angels UHD 10/28/2019
Charlie's Angels BLU-RAY 10/28/2019
The Prey (Limited Edition) BLU-RAY 10/28/2019
My Big Fat Greek Wedding HDTV 10/27/2019
The Shining UHD 10/27/2019
Hold Back the Dawn BLU-RAY 10/26/2019
Plus One HDTV 10/23/2019
Two Evil Eyes (4K Remaster) BLU-RAY 10/23/2019
Two Evil Eyes (4K Remaster) BLU-RAY 10/22/2019
Itsy Bitsy BLU-RAY 10/21/2019

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