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The House by the Cemetery (2020 4K Remaster) (Blu-ray)

"It's this house! It creeps me out."
"It's a house like any other."
"It smells like death."

- Translated from the Italian dialogue of The House by the Cemetery

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But then, Oak Mansion is no stranger to death. There's a reason why those in this sleepy Massachusetts village ominously refer to it as the Freudstein house. It is, as the film's title suggests, located directly next to a cemetery. And it's also where Dr. Eric Peterson is said to have murdered his mistress before taking his own life. Tasked with completing his late mentor's research, Dr. Norman Boyle (Paolo Malco) moves his family into this estate that houses such a dark past. A supernatural force (Silvia Collatina) reaches out through an old photograph to the Boyles' son Bob (Giovanni Frezza), to no avail warning him to stay away. Eerie sounds throughout the house push mother Lucy (Catriona MacColl) to the brink of madness. And then there are the endless cries of an unseen child throughout the dead of night. Why is the cellar door boarded up so? Whatever sinister force is lurking down there,...[read the entire Blu-ray review of The House by the Cemetery (2020 4K Remaster)]

Mon Mon Mon Monsters! (Blu-ray)

Hey, kids! It's time for another DVD Talk pop quiz.

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(1) Can you find the monster in the screenshot above?

The girl on the left
The girl on the right
All of the above
None of the above


Partial Credit!

Look a little closer; I think you may be missing one.


Partial Credit!

A bold choice, friend, but try again.


Cue the Price Is Right fail horn!

Try harder next time.



Congratulations! You fully understand the primary message of Mon Mon Mon Monsters! Maybe you should take over for the rest of this review instead.

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By pretty much any measure, flesh-eating ghouls with a maw of rapidly regenerating fangs and a well-deserved aversion to sunlight would have to qualify as monsters. And yet despite the whole devouring people while they're still alive deal, the two voodoo-spawned sisters are among the most sympathetic characters in this Taiwanese horror/comedy/drama. The presumed elder of the two gently tucks her sister in at night. She makes sure that her sissy gets to munch on all the choice human vittle parts first. When the two of them are separated, she stops at nothing to rescue her kid sister from the monstersbastards keeping her captive. There's more genuine love and affection between them – a capacity to put the needs of another ahead of their own desires – than any of the, errr, less cannibalistic folks in the movie.

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And hey, that's probably why writer, producer, and director Giddens Ko embraced the title Mon Mon Mon Monsters!, exclamation point and all. With just a couple of infrequently seen exceptions – say, a bullied classmate who's an outsider in the most literal sense – pretty much everyone in the flick is noxious. Ms. Lee (Carolyn Chen) knows full well that awkward,...[read the entire Blu-ray review of Mon Mon Mon Monsters!]

The Great McGinty (Blu-ray)

"Yesterday, you was a hobo on the breadline. Today, you got a thousand berries and a new suit. I wonder where you'll be tomorrow."

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That Dan McGinty (Brian Donlevy) somehow went from a hobo in Chi-Town* (the film doesn't explicitly spell out where it's set, but c'mon) to tending bar in some nameless banana republic would've made for a heckuva movie in its own right. When you consider that, somewhere in between, McGinty also collected for the mob, whose machinations elevated him to alderman, mayor, and even governor...?! It's little wonder why a couple of troubled folks in McGinty's bar hang on his every word for eightysomeodd minutes straight.

McGinty has a way of getting things done. Oh, The Boss (Akim Tamiroff) is paying $2 a vote to keep Mayor Tillinghast in office? Well, how much are 37 votes worth to ya? The big man upstairs can't help but take a shining to McGinty's hustle, hobo or no. He starts off collecting on debt shrugged off as uncollectible. When he's installed as a political puppet, McGinty elevates graft to high art as he bounds from one office to another. Why stop at mayor, though? The big money's in state contracts.

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And sure, McGinty is game, but The Boss insists that he find himself a wife. No matter how hard the mob presses its thumb on the scale, a bachelor ain't gonna make it to the governor's mansion. Thankfully, McGinty's secretary Catherine (Muriel Angelus) is as disinterested in marriage as he is. Since neither would expect much of anything from the other, it's a perfect arrangement! The only hiccup is that married life and fatherhood wind up agreeing with him, and McGinty is in the early stages of developing what is commonly known as a conscience. But with the mob on one side and a closetful of...[read the entire Blu-ray review of The Great McGinty]

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