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My pal Scott maintains a running log, and that inspired me to do something vaguely similar...only I don't run. I watch movies. So, here's a log of every movie and DVD I've watched since late June 2003. The "rule" is that I only list what I watch in one day, so if I spend an hour watching a collection of episodes of Batman Beyond, it goes in the log, but if I spread 16 hours of Angel out over 3 days, it doesn't. No, that doesn't make much sense, but the whole thing's pretty stupid and pointless anyway, so it all evens out.

Title Format Commentary Watched
The Man Who Cheated Himself BLU-RAY 9/23/2018
Predator UHD 9/22/2018
Punisher: War Zone UHD 9/21/2018
Cargo HDTV 9/19/2018
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them UHD 9/16/2018
The Pyjama Girl Case BLU-RAY 9/13/2018
The Pyjama Girl Case BLU-RAY 9/13/2018
Queen of Outer Space BLU-RAY 9/12/2018
Queen of Outer Space BLU-RAY 9/11/2018
Murder Party HDTV 9/9/2018
The Horror of Party Beach BLU-RAY 9/2/2018
Mayhem UHD 9/2/2018
The In-Betweeners Movie BLU-RAY 8/29/2018
Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut UHD 8/22/2018
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before HDTV 8/21/2018
Kristy HDTV 8/21/2018
Deadpool UHD 8/17/2018
Avengers: Infinity War (Steelbook) UHD 8/14/2018
The Changeling (Limited Edition) BLU-RAY 8/11/2018
Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops HDTV 8/11/2018
Under Capricorn BLU-RAY 8/10/2018
Metric: Dreams So Real BLU-RAY 8/9/2018
Justice League UHD 8/8/2018
A Case of You HDTV 8/6/2018
Wonder Woman (2017) UHD 8/5/2018

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