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My pal Scott maintains a running log, and that inspired me to do something vaguely similar...only I don't run. I watch movies. So, here's a log of every movie and DVD I've watched since late June 2003. The "rule" is that I only list what I watch in one day, so if I spend an hour watching a collection of episodes of Batman Beyond, it goes in the log, but if I spread 16 hours of Angel out over 3 days, it doesn't. No, that doesn't make much sense, but the whole thing's pretty stupid and pointless anyway, so it all evens out.

Title Format Commentary Watched
Brain Damage BLU-RAY 5/20/2019
Summer Wars BLU-RAY 5/18/2019
All the Colors of the Dark BLU-RAY 5/17/2019
I Married a Witch (Criterion Collection) BLU-RAY 5/13/2019
Dazed and Confused (The Criterion Collection) BLU-RAY 5/12/2019
Hannibal UHD 5/12/2019
Tapeheads HDTV 5/11/2019
Bumblebee UHD 5/11/2019
Now and Then DVD 5/10/2019
The Ox-Bow Incident BLU-RAY 5/9/2019
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom UHD 5/7/2019
To Be or Not to Be (Criterion Collection) BLU-RAY 5/5/2019
Jurassic World UHD 5/5/2019
Mary Poppins Returns UHD 5/4/2019
The Hidden BLU-RAY 5/4/2019
Avengers: Endgame (IMAX 3D) Theatrical 5/3/2019
Light the Fuse...Sartana Is Coming BLU-RAY 4/29/2019
Have a Good Funeral, My Friend...Sartana Will Pay BLU-RAY 4/28/2019
Alien: 40th Anniversary UHD 4/27/2019
Tomb Raider UHD 4/26/2019
I Am Sartana, Trade Your Guns for a Coffin BLU-RAY 4/26/2019
Joe Versus the Volcano BLU-RAY 4/25/2019
I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death BLU-RAY 4/25/2019
If You Meet Sartana...Pray for Your Death! BLU-RAY 4/24/2019
The Crater Lake Monster HDTV 4/23/2019

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